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Titia Reuser
Titia Reuser
Titia Reuser

You can consult me for an appraisal document of your jewellery, for advice on buying or selling jewellery as well as for advice on restoration.

Jewellery appraisals

By a certified appraiser

Since the turn of the century the Dutch government does not require appraisers to have specific training anymore and the term confirmation on oath has lost its meaning. However, Federatie TMV, the Dutch Federation of certified appraisers, brokers and auctioneers in movable assets applies strict quality requirements with regard to the professional competence of its members. You can only apply for membership in this professional association once you have successfully completed an exam in their field of expertise. In addition, you will remain a member only for as long as you keep your professional competence demonstrably current. Only under these circumstances will a member be admitted into and remain a member of the registry of certified appraisers, brokers and auctioneers.

Advice on buying and selling jewellery

By an experienced buyer and seller

Throughout the past thirty years different employers have enabled me to gather experience in buying and selling jewellery, also internationally. Competence, trustworthiness and discretion are the key assets in this profession.

Advice on restoration of jewellery

By a certified goldsmith

When antique jewellery cannot be worn comfortably and safely anymore, it can be restored or adjusted in a reversible fashion. This requires specific skills which not every goldsmith is in possession of; e.g. lasering or enameling. I can make recommendations as to the specialized colleagues you can consult for such a restoration. Surely you would not want to risk an unprofessional or faulty restoration of your precious jewellery.

An appraisal, advice or a combination … the choice is yours.

Titia Reuser
Titia Reuser
Titia ReuserTitia Reuser